Like old photos

Michelle and I stopped in Banana Republic, J. Crew and other clothiers looking for gifts for my sister. I was surprised at the general ugliness of most of the clothing. The patterns, fabrics, and textures were right out of my parents and grandparents christmas pictures. The pictures where you try to not laugh at how bad their taste was. Some of the clothes look like they were cut right from the upholstery of abandoned furniture.

Michelle informed me that most of the thick bizarre value village style clothing was fall’s fashion and it’s probably on the out. Good.

2 thoughts on “Like old photos”

  1. I noticed that exact thing. I started to notice the fashion trends in London where there were lots of colors including way too many dudes wearing pink. I think the United States then picked up on this trend only on Acid so that there were lots of colors but they were intensified some 1000%. I seriously saw a store display with a neon lime green shirt/neon orange tie combination.

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