Bear in our trees

black bear in a tree
My parents got a christmas card from our childhood dentist that included this clipping from the Cody Enterprise. The picture was taken in the back yard of our old home in Cody. The trees in the picture were all planted by my family. The paved area the warden is standing on was our playground, but the new owners apparently wanted a basketball court instead.

Every so often a black bear or two would wonder into town and cause a small fuss, but it was mostly just entertaining. Sometimes we’d ride our bikes to see them when they had been treed, or poled, or whatever.

One thought on “Bear in our trees”

  1. Kathleen had bears in her yard too. But mostly they drove to the dump to see them.

    We had a nice wooded lot in Virginia when I was growing up, but no bears. Lots of rabbits and turtles and sometimes pheasants though.

    Please don’t name your children Cody.

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