Simpson Trivia Calendar Score 2004

I finished off my Simpsons Triva Calendar this morning and really got spanked this year. 167 right, 127 wrong for a disappointing 56%! Its by far the worst score I’ve posted and isn’t even a passing grade. I realize that the total doesn’t add up – but I think I’m only about 10 points short when you consider that weekends were combined.

3 thoughts on “Simpson Trivia Calendar Score 2004”

  1. Is every year’s calendar based off of the most recent season only? Cuz I haven’t caught an episode in about two years.

  2. No – they’re taken from several years ago. This was primarily from the season where Mr. Burns gets shot. I haven’t seen those episodes since they aired, so I was kind of Krusty. er, rusty.

  3. Apparently Glin found a website that is a Simpsons episode-sharing hub. He downloads an episode or two every day and watches them. It’s contributing greatly to Heather’s ass fat (okay, not in reality due to some freaky genetics or something, but there’s no way that girl shouldn’t way at least three fitty). I’ll have to ask him about it and send the link your way.

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