Ready like a date

On a lighter note, I just got ready for visiting the doctor like I was preparing for a date. Is that normal? This is only my second official doctor’s appointment.

Oh, I guess there was that time back in 4th grade and I was wearing my best tiger striped purple briefs. In my defense, I wasn’t expecting to go to the doctor, I chose them for comfort. Nor was I expecting the doctor to know the name of the cute girl in the class and goad me about dressing for her.

I guess this is another part of the mother’s wisdom of always wearing clean underwear. You should always wear non-incriminating undies as well on the off chance that you’re doctor is also your friend’s dad.

4 thoughts on “Ready like a date”

  1. I was gonna say, “Was the doctor your dad?” but I guess you answered that. Remember to steal as many medical supplies as possible when you’re there. With Halloween coming up, who knows when we’ll need them. In fact, just drive an ambulance home. They won’t miss it.

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