Bike Friz

I joined a pseudo-coworker and some of his friends for a game of Bike Friz at Franklin H.S. this morning. I’ve been meaning to play all summer but just haven’t had the time. It was a blast, and its unfortunate that next week will probably be the season’s last game.

5 thoughts on “Bike Friz”

  1. We’ll see … as far as I’m concerned the games will continue as long as we get enough players. It’s all about turnout. :-)

  2. Frisbee AND mountainbikes? Geez, incorporate bong tokes, five minute breaks to eat granola, and fingerpainting and this would be the hippiest activity I’ve ever heard of.
    Whatever happened to, like, a ball and glove? Or ball and hoop? Or pom pom and short skirt?

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