Big Screen Debut

Here’s a lesson I’ve learned for you. Don’t hang a sheet against your front window when you’re watching a movie on a projector. More specifically, don’t watch the unrated version of an already suspect film on the screen. But if you do, check to see what it looks like from outside before it gets to the raunchier parts. You might regret it when, after the movie, you check the view from outside and discover that its an even better view than from the inside, and you’ve been showing it to the entire neighborhood. Its even worse than when we left the outdoor speakers on for Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle. This always happens on the worst movies.

I’d have taken a picture, but I was so mortified that I busied myself with dish washing, and Michelle promptly took down the screen absconded to the back room. I hope the neighbors have a sense of humor. And I hope they aren’t offended by boobies.

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