To all the pety thieves..

My sister had all her camera equipment and music stolen recently. There were other small things stolen, but two of her most prized possessions, her professional Nikon camera and her bounty of CDs, were the biggest loss. The culprits are still at large, though their identity known. Insurance will replace the stolen goods, but the agent warned the agency would promptly drop the policy or raise premiums to regain the cost of the possessions quickly. Ah… piece of mind.

Ultimately, she decided not to make a claim on the stolen items. The thieves won, the insurance company won, and the wall of cynicism in our lives has had several more bricks added to it. Some solace can be had through caustic remarks.

My dad’s contribution:
“To the thieves; You can take my possessions, but not my soul. I can replace my possessions, but you can never replace your soul.”

We’ve all been slighted in some way, and its amazing how powerless it makes you feel. I really hope there is Karma, though it sounds like one of the culprit’s may already be booked paying off other karmic debts. Its f*ckers like these that give Yakima a bad name.

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  1. Ok, so you know who the crooks are (besides the insurance company) Does that mean that we will be taking a trip to Yakima soon? Let me know, and the posse will be ready.

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