More “Snuff Films for Ethnobotanists”

This fits into my “Snuff Films for Ethnobotanists” collection. Its a collection of images depicting violent power struggles between invasive plant species. Today’s image is a Dandelion seed head that is being choked by a growth of bindweed. I found it just down the street while walking Barley the other morning.

The relationship in this picture is much more blatant that some of the other images, which are more difficult to identify because of the prevalence of chlorophyl. Not to mention the poor planning in shooting the images. Regardless, they all look green!

I feel like I’m seeing more and more invasive plant species around the neighborhood this year. I’m not sure if I’m just noticing it for the first time with the eyes of a gardener, or if the noxious plants are worse this year. Anyone else notice any differences?

Dandelion v. Bindweed

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