Project Looking Glass

Sun showed off the future of GUI with its demo of project looking glass. Its a pretty interesting looking GUI, seems really, really excessive. I can’t imagine using a “3-D” interface with a mouse. I guess that explains why its not really 3-D. Maybe we should work on improving input devices first? My wrists and elbows wouldn’t mind.

Johnathan Schwartz, Executive VP of Software says that it’ll be an “open” desktop environment in which the community will drive its growth. Though I’m a big fan of community development, I feel that the GUI is one item that doesn’t benefit from an untamed community. The reason OS X’s environment is so wonderful to work in, and so seamless between interfaces is because of a very strict set of guidelines defining the GUI. Compare Aqua to GNOME. Which would you rather use? Well, Sun chose GNOME, which I think explains a lot.

Looking Glass is great eye candy, but the demonstration doesn’t offer any compelling improvement to anything available today. Its nothing more than a glitzy dock. Who needs a video to play when its minimized anyway?

2 thoughts on “Project Looking Glass”

  1. Looks to me like a lot of glitz and show, without any real change in functionality. Neat idea though.

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