Comcast Outages

We’ve had almost no internet for the last couple days. Why? Comcast isn’t sure, but they’ll be here some time next week to look at the problem. If you can read this, maybe its fixed.

2 thoughts on “Comcast Outages”

  1. Internet still hasn’t been fixed, but a repairman should be here tomorrow. Every once in a while we get a 30-45 second connection, and if I’m around, I load a bunch of pages for offline browsing. I understand how people lived without cars, toothbrushes, clothes, talk radio, TV, and pet rocks, but how does one live without Internet?

  2. i feel your pain as I use Courtyard Marriott’s “free” internet which is actually 9.95 if you want anything other than weather.

    also no mouse, so lots of tabbing.

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