During lunch yesterday I picked up a copy of Architectural Record, which had a piece about Megaburbs. Not a new concept, but the point is we’ve outgrown the term suburb. Suburbs were outer communities that required a central city for survival. Today’s suburbs have all the same utilities, centers, governments, and problems of their original cities, so they have no need for central cities. They have become Megaburbs.

Sadly most have developed without any overall plan of organization, or at least a coherent one. Just ask yourself – Am I in Beaverton? Am I in Tigard? Is this Sherwood? How will I know?

The author readily admits that its an unwieldy word which isn’t meant for common use. What to call them than? Leeches that have recently discovered autonomy? Cities? Single-story max? Drive-ins? Teenagers? Mall-towns? Next 3 exits? C’mon, you’ve probably got some.

2 thoughts on “megaburbs”

  1. post-houstons, megapolises, etc. for those who haven’t been scarred by the post-graduate academy, i think that “doughnuts” or doughnutbergs might be good enough. the krispy kreme original kind, not the maple bars although those could represent seattle or something.

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