Friends interview

Friends Ben and C.J. were both in town for interviews. Ben was interviewing for a web design position in Vancouver with the school district (He’s very qualified, if you’re HR out looking :), and C.J. was interviewing for entrance to the local culinary school. It was fun to see friends from both high school and college again. We went out for dinner and beer at the New Old Lompoc, which was pretty dern good. Best of luck guys.

2 thoughts on “Friends interview”

  1. hey andy and michelle, i was really glad i got to hook up with yall and hang. it was good catching up and sharing stories. i’m really impressed with the school and the city, thanks for showing me around. i will be making the arrangenments to get myself there for the spring interance, lord willing. it’s alway nice to have friends in a new town. oh yeah, booku kudos on the web sites, both andy and ben, keep up the good work.

  2. Michelle and Andy, I had a great time visiting with you and friends. Portland is awesome. Next time I’m in town, we’ll have give Lompoc another visit.

    C.J., good luck with culinary school. You’ll definitely have fun in Portland.

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