Manzanita is heaven

Spent the latter part of the weekend with Manzanita with my mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and wife. Dog was there too. They were all week, and I got to join them halfway through for some fine sunshine, food, and company. Its really a marvelous place, and I can’t imagine any reason why I’m back here already. Michelle and I took some pictures, and some are good.

Cirrus Rainbow

Of particular coolness is a cirrus cloud rainbow that sort of twisted itself down from the heavens and writhed a wonderful band of colors over the town. One can only hope for such intimate glimpses of the divine. In my climatology studies, nothing quite so amazing appeared. Even if I do find the cause for such a thing, which I image was a downwardly thrusted cirrus cloud, it won’t take away from the amazing beauty of it. Michelle and I were out walking when we saw it. Fortunately, cell phone technology allowed us to contact Kathy to draw her out to see it. We had to hike back to the internet cafe to coax her brother out to view it. Almost as quickly as it appeared, the wind blew it away, and as it stretched, colors fading, it disappeared. What a marvel.

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