Dog Poisoning

There have been a number of Dog Poisonings at Laurelhurst park recently. The Lucky Lab, a local pub, is doing fundraisers to help create a reward fund for catching the culprit. Good beer & food disguised as a fundraiser? Excellent.

7 thoughts on “Dog Poisoning”

  1. I was surprised by the turnout as well. With that many dogs in such a small area, amazingly nothing ever errupted. There was, however, dog hair everywhere. I just had my leftover pizza, and among the plentiful rosemary was an equally bountiful helping of misc. dog hairs.

  2. Yeah I noticed the pic wasn’t there anymore. I blame the English.
    I had a great time there meeting people from the vet and other dog lovers. I’m excited to take the dogs to Dogtoberfest. Sorry about the pizza…just pretend you are on Fear Factor.

  3. There’s dog hair all over our new house. I just wired some up with the speakers; it seems to be a good conductor.

  4. The word hound is a slight retardation of the word sound. Possibly due to the thick accents of urban brittons, “that hounds great” was a common term to describe early hi-fi equipment.

    Various economic hardships, such as the blitz, the great fire of London, and others forced creative uses of every day waste products in the manufacturing of audio equipment. Hound’s hair is one of nature’s secret superconductors, which led to great “hounding” music.

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