debating sick day

I’ve never called in sick to work. I’ve missed precious few days of school for sickness as well. But yesterday I had a cold that was making it difficult to read, speak with people on the phone, and be patient. I meant to go home early and take some sick time, but the break in work never arrised. Now I’m contemplating calling in because my eyes hurt, my nose is running, and I keep coughing up pieces from the sets of alien movies. Too bad its already going to be a four day week.

Dead Battery

I left the lights on in my car and the battery died, so I couldn’t go home for lunch. Sadly, I had to buy a crap for ingredients sandwhich, which my mouth still reeks of. (bah! bad onions) However, while surfing during lunch, I found the 25 best Simpsons Episodes list at Entertainment Weekly. What great memories. Sadly, they all seem to be from nearly a decade ago. Fox just signed them up for 2 more seasons, but will they have any material left?

Michelle, if you read this, will you come jump me after work?

iPhoto 2, Avoiding past mistakes

I use iPhoto 1.1, which is a great start at a great piece of software. Many of its problems were overcome by crafty programmers. BetterHTMLExport 1.6 made most of this webiste. I had some problems with iPhoto, namely due to a file permission problem when made a backup with cp -r that when restored didn’t like iPhoto. Months later after losing many entries to the library, I fixed all the file permissions with Disk Tool. Whew. Anyway, when backing up a folder in Unix, use this command instead of cp:
find . -depth -print | cpio -pdlmv ../newdir

I point this out because iPhoto 2 was released yesterday, and I’m backing everything up before I install it. Unfortunately, BetterHTMLexport 2.0, which was also released yesterday, is now shareware instead of freeware. He should have notified me of his intentions before I was poor. Maybe I won’t update just yet. Unless iPhoto 2 has some performance improvements, I won’t be able to use it much anyway.