Schmell phones

I just finished boxing up our second replacemet phone. Fortunately, the piece of crap died just a couple days before our warranty was up. That’s about the only good news that comes from the incident. It appears the cellular network has developed some form of intelligence and has heard all the disparaging things I say about phones, phone companies, and phone users. In this world gone mad, you don’t hang up the phone, the phone hangs up you….

Anyway, I’ve now lost all the phone numbers that were previously in it. So please call us or send us your phone number if you think we should have it. I swear I’ll write them down or something.

2 thoughts on “Schmell phones”

  1. Sadly, no. It broke a while ago, and Fredy Meyer didn’t ever get a replacement for me (because of the dockworker strike), so I traded it for a gift card and bought groceries. Mmmm….food.

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