Doesn’t Like Google

An instructor stopped by because he wasn’t happy with his Google results. The way his name came up in Google paired his name with someone else’s quote, which made him look inept. Sure that’s annoying, but what am I supposed to do about it? I’m still trying for name supremacy myself.

Instead of saying no, I submitted the page for re-indexing and put a no-snippet meta tag on the offending page.

2 thoughts on “Doesn’t Like Google”

  1. This lead me to search for my name in a google search just for fun. When I type in “Andy Freed,” the FIRST link in google is this page (that’s how I found it). When I type in my name, I come to find that I’m a (in order):
    1.) 6 time world champion of something that’s in a foreign language and therefore unintelligable to me.
    2.) Interim Chair of the Department of Educational
    Studies, Leadership & Counseling… he he.
    3.) Some published veterinarian with an affinity towards Bond movies.
    4.) Children’s author.
    5.) The handicapped kid in an elementary school class.
    6.) Guitarist/singer/songwriter signed on to BMI entertainment.
    7.) “Worshipful Master” of Riverdale Lodge, commended by the Georgia House of Representatives.
    8.) (My personal favorite): Catholic boys choir leader. You know what the say….

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