UN calls for end to Cuban Embargo

The UN voted overwhelmingly for the US to end its embargo against Cuba. A 173 to 3 vote signalled that the rest of the world thinks we need to end the embargo. Its about time. Maybe now that Mr. Helms is leaving office, we’ll finally get our heads out of our asses.

Maybe we’re just embarressed by Cuba. Look at the CIA World Fact Book:

Item Cuba United States
infant mortality 7.27 deaths/1,000 live births 6.69 deaths/1,000 live births
literacy 95.7% 97%
life expectancy 76.6 years 77.4 years
Govt. Type Communist state Federal Republic
GDP $25.5 billion $10.082 trillion
per capita GDP $2,300 $36,300

We’ve made friends with Russia and China. Why do we treat Cuba so poorly?

3 thoughts on “UN calls for end to Cuban Embargo”

  1. It seems we think we can bully the U.N. And it seems to work. Look at the vote on Iraq.

    I’ve been planning my trip to Cuba for a long time. Fly to Mexico or any Caribbean isle and then fly from there, beg the customs people not to stamp “Cuba” on your passport.

    I’ll just bet that Helms smokes Cubans. Hypocrite! But now Lizzie Dole is in his place.

  2. There all hypocrites we trade with Communist China so much in fact that they are the largest growing economy in the last decade.We all drive Japanize cars we can forgive them for Pearl Harbor but we cant forgive the Cubans for what exactly? What did they do that was as bad as that? Lets flood the streets of Havana with American ideas through tourists and free trade i bet they will get rid of Castro in a week.

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