Too much to say

Bush was here (Oregon) last week. Said something about kindling, fires, and jobs. Must have made sense to someone, because there was cheering on the radio. I had trouble understanding him. Technically, I don’t think his poor public speaking skills count as doublespeak.

The whole basis of the trip, and the logic behind forest fires annoyed me. I planned on writing a great discertation on why fires should just burn, and people who choose to live outside the confines of a municipality shouldn’t expect to be saved from natural disaster, and on and on, but I figured I’d just be boring people. So I stopped myself. For now.

One thought on “Too much to say”

  1. I’d like to read your essay. You’re much more “western” than me, though I’m trying to “pass.” Anyway, I do think the fires should burn, but I haven’t made up my mind on the houses in the way. Help me understand, Western One.

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