Airport Blues

Boston was great. We’re home now, but it wasn’t easy. We took the train to Logan Airport, then managed to swap tickets to catch a flight that left 2 hours earlier than our first flight. Everyone was seated when the pilot announced that the plane was having air conditioning problems, and that they were working on it. They expected it to take only a few minutes. We were allowed back into the terminal after an hour of sitting on an unairconditioned plane. Michelle got us switched back to our original fight, which got to O’hare before the earlier flight.

Then our flight in Chicago was delayed by 30 minutes. Once we boarded, the pilot let us know that the smoke detector in the lavatory was broken, and was being fixed. We waited another hour before it was fixed. We got back to Portland an hour later than expected. Such is life.

Not surprisingly, United Airlines is experiencing problems. I heard on the news that the big airline bail out wasn’t enough. United is still around, and I think I know how. They have gotten in the mail delivery business. Our plane spent nearly half an hour loading up two luggage trailers full of US Mail boxes. If United ships the mail, then the postal service doesn’t have to spend money on flying and maintaining planes. They’re both in trouble, and they’ve both found a solution. Did I mention it took longer than normal for our baggage to show up?

I’ve got more I’ll share later. We went around a cool thunderstorm, and saw the Red Sox play in Fenway. Fun Stuff.