de Colores

In the future, colors will be represented by interest groups. Colors with strong lobbies will have a tremendous share textile and acryllic representation. Big corporations whose identity is tied with a specific color spend lots of money to encourage the use other colors; especially the colors of their competitors. IBM has spent a lot of time and money trying to convince people that blue is too formal for everyday wear.

Colors weren’t originally intended to be a corporate interest. The original idea was for bodies of concerned citizens to promote the color of their choice. The problems, the near color warfare, errupted because paint companies were creating imposter groups. These imposter groups would promote the use of colors that were clearly the result of an accident in the pigmentation of paints.

Disgust with the paint lobbies gave most americans a sense of futility. A small group of concerned citizens began lobbying for white, which technically isn’t a color, but it had been so under represented that even notebook paper no longer came in bleached white. There was a slowly building effort to bring white back to favor. People were tired colored undies, and the printing prices for books with multi-colored pages was outrageous. The return of white pages of the newspaper had a calming affect on people. The insomnia crisis that was making americans unproductive was fledging.

The natural reaction was a public outrcy agains the multifarious remnants of the color strife. Surplus colors were blended together to get another non-color: black (technically, it makes brown, but this is fiction.) Seeming normalcy returned and interest groups disbanded. The color ticker on the bottom of many news channels, once keeping americans keen to what color was sexy, were replaced by financial information. People started paying attention to the financial information. people got really caught up in finance, but that’s another story. You know how it goes.

2 thoughts on “de Colores”

  1. Has George Orwell come back, into my brother, through the beer he drinks??

  2. In Chicago last year IBM hired a bunch of youngsters or something to graffiti the sidewalks in various young professional neighborhoods with Peace, Love, Linux symbols. Except I don’t think a lot of people understood at all. You’d walk to the El, and people walking around you would wonder outloud, “Peace, Love, … and a penguin?”

    Are you going to be around on the 1st or so of August? I’ll be around Portland-ish then.


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