Last night I was sitting at the computer, trying to figure out wireless networking in Linux, and a spider crawled over my laptop and onto my hand. It was dark, and I was started. Its the second spider to go scampering across my desk in as many days. I saw another spider on the floor by the surge protector, and another on the ceiling. I’m not sure why they all decided to come indoors this week.

In 7th grade, my art teacher told me about a spider that had made a web and laid an egg sack in his floppy drive. That really disturbed me. I was especially pleased when Apple quit using floppy drives. I used to hate spiders. Now I dislike them, mostly because I can’t tell what they’re thinking. They’re so damn unpredictable. Michelle thinks she got bit by one in th shower.

You’d think we lived in a barn. Its actually quite clean. I guess I”ll have to pick up all the power cords behind my computer and vaccum there. Maybe its because we leave the door open, and lots of flies get in, and they’re just following the flies…..

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