Everly Fire

Michelle and I adopted a piece of wilderness near Sisters, Oregon. Its part of an ONRC program, where you get a piece of proposed roadless area, get maps, and visit the site to make sure the maps are accurate. Well, its pretty easy to come up with a description for ours. I think this picture states it nicely..

The Everly Fire

…Yup, it was burnt by the Eyerly Fire a month ago. 18 homes were lost. We weren’t allowed to get too close to the area, so we had to take some pictures from a distance. The area is beautiful.

horst & graben

I’m writing from 34,000 feet today. Michelle and I are flying to Boston so I can attend a WebCT conference. WebCT wants to sell us a new version of their software.

I love flying because it gives me a chance to see all the things I learned about in physical geography. It was the first time I’ve seen the hosrt & grabben of the Basin and Range area, and the playas, alluvial fans and aprons in the desert of eastern california.

I’d better turn this into and extended entry – click to read more.
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Today I recycled a map that came with National Geographic. This decision, though seemingly benign, has set me apart from the cartographers, geographers, and map librarians everywhere. I’ve committed a cardinal sin. But then again, it was a map of the Incan empire, so it had little practicle use. Hopefully future generations weren’t depending on my copy as the only link to Incan civilization. I doubt it.

Chinese Discover America. Take that Euros

Gavin Menzies will be presenting his evidence to the Royal Geographical Society (UK), where it will surely be met with skepticism. I think this sort of thing is great, and is what makes geography so much cooler than, say… Economics.

Check it out http://straitstimes.asia1.com.sg/primenews/story/0,1870,106236,00.html

Alan is taking shots at my site. I’d better spend some “inside” time this weekend so I don’t piss off the establishment.