The dirty secret is that we were given 2 due dates. The 14th and the 19th. We preferred the 14th because it was earlier, calculated by a brand new ultrasound machine and confirmed by a great doctor. Then, Michelle’s work changed health insurance carriers and we got switched back to Kaiser, who pushed the date back and has been much less involved than the previous doctor.

I didn’t think to take a picture with no fingers up, and I’m not sure how to signify limbo with just fingers. I’m going to wait until at least Wednesday until I start counting back up. Depending how our next doctor appointment goes, I may decided to work a day or two just to spare some time.

As mentioned – we decided to completely redo the bedroom walls and ceiling figuring that tearing the room apart would invoke Murphy’s law and force the baby to come. Turns out “winning” when you gamble with Murphy’s law isn’t much of a victory. The room is back together and looks nice, and now we have a very quiet ceiling fan as well.


holy shit, two!

We’ve tried a number of home remedies for inducing labor, but what seemed like the sure fire method has so far failed. We took down our bed, moved it in to the living room, scraped plaster off the ceiling and reapplied a skim coat. I primed it tonight and we’ll paint it tomorrow, but the lack of a bed, the incomplete project and the chaos of the whole affair didn’t quite had the intended effect.

We got each other a super Nintendo for our anniversary and we beat Super Mario Bros. this evening and will move on to “the lost levels” and Super Mario Bros. 2 tomorrow. 8-bits of joy. Well – 16 actually. Its the Super Mario All-stars version.


Last day of “work” for a month! Today is our annual technical staff retreat. I set my extended voice mail message last night so no one can leave me messages…. whooooo!

holy shit, three!


five! two!

Sorry – got a little distracted over the weekend. Picked some berries, crawled around some crawl space, did some weeding, killed some ants, went to a wedding.