First Entry from Linux

I set up Red Hat v5 on a 486 back in college. That’s about all I did with it. The hardware had problems, so X-windows worked poorly, and I wasn’t about to learn command line when there was music to be downloaded. (on campus I could get up to 800k/sec transfers)

I just set up Yellow Dog Linux v2.2 on my iBook. I’m planning on taking a linux class this summer, so I thought I’d check to make sure it would work. It does, and now I’m finally using the “Teach yourself Linux in 24 hours” book I bought 4 years ago. I have to admit, it was much easier to install now, and it makes much more sense now that I’ve been working with OS X and unix.

I like OS X a lot more than KDE, but I’m going to keep trying. Open source and open mind or something.

Finals blues

Michelle has finals this week and next. Then she’ll be done with her first year of law school. I’m amazed that she’s still alive. She definately handled the work load better the second semester, and I guess that’s why people always refer to the first year as the worst. You just get used to the work.

Not to be out done, I also have a final. But its an open-note, open-book, open-group final. We can work with our groups. Maybe I won’t read the last two chapters.. Oh wait, I’m taking this class for the purpose of learning the material. The final also requires that we install a web server. I’m going to install apache, even though its “harder”. Just like I told the Qwest guy who tried to sell me DSL at lunch – Screw Microsoft.

Enjoy the weekend.