Staircase II

This weekend was the third annual First Floor Spring Campout. It was at Staircase again, which is a beautiful location with no fees (yet) and few people. Many people got there during the week, but I didn’t get there until Friday evening. When I got there, everyone was out hiking, so I killed time by riding my bike, chatting with the neighbors and sipping beer. It was shaping into a nice evening when some boy scouts from down the way ran into camp asking if there was a lady with shoulder lenght black hair in our party, because she just passed out in the road by their camp. Well, there were possibly too, and the hike they were on was quite was quite strenuous, so yes, we did possibly have someone who fit that description in our party.

It turned out to be someone else, but we helped the lady back to her camp. She’d been in an car accident recently, and had a serious concusion at the time. She was driving to meet her friends at Staircase for the weekend. We invited her down to our camp and she drank PBR with us until we started heading for bed. While we were walking her back to her camp, she commented on a sudden change in her condition, and pitched forward. Once we rolled her onto her back, she started siezing. We ended up taking her to the nearest ER some 45 miles away because she refused to ride in an ambulence, and when the Dr. released her after a CAT scan, we drove her back to her camp spot. We finally got to bed around 7am.

Made for an eventful weekend. I hope she doesn’t hate us now for making her pay for a CAT scan, but we didn’t really like the condition she was in, and had doubts about her ability to drive to the other side of the Peninsula where she was supposed to meet her friends in the first place and such. All in all, it was an enjoyable trip, but not as care-free as one would hope.

5 thoughts on “Staircase II”

  1. I don’t think PBR is really the best treatment for someone who had recently passed out. But I’m no Dr.

  2. Ahh…PBR does a body good, plus it lite beer…jk. Yeah maybe shouldn’t have let her drink. woops

  3. But I was always told “Ale’s what cures you.” Well, I won’t be changing my regimen of malted Rx.

  4. As an Oregonian, I’m a big supporter of patients rights. The last thing I want to be know as is an HMO.

    Besides, passing out is one of the downsides to drinking (too much). If you’re already passed out, you’ve already done the hard part.

  5. Good point! I wish I could get the hard stuff out of the way first. It would make the end of the night much more enjoyable.

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