Opt-in Christmas Card 2011
6:54 am December 17, 2011

The season snuck up on us again. The year is drawing to an end and we must look back an reflect. Wonder about the things we’ve done, question the decisions we made, revel in the fun we had with family and friends, and ask how it is so soon that we’re already doing this again.

The Freeds have had an exciting year. Michelle had some pretty big news that was still a secret at the time of last year’s letter. In March, she and her friend, Tim Eblen, opened the doors to their own law practice, Eblen Freed LLP. It had been nearly a year of research, planning, and preparation. They celebrated their first office Christmas party this week and both feel very happy with the decision. The firm is focusing on bankruptcy, debtor/creditor law and consumer protection. They’re doing their best to have a practice that fits their lives and not vice versa.

Madeline turned two in January and has been growing in size and personality all year. She and Ella are good friends but are also very different people. MG is a nurturer and will check to see how you’re feeling and also let you know if she’s happy or not. She surprises us with how verbal she is, and is happy to repeat phrases (usually in context) that she’s picked up who knows where.

Ella finished preschool in June and started Kindergarten in September. It’s been a tough transition for her because preschool was play and kindergarten is work, but she’s flourishing (she’s already off the sticker chart) both in (ahem) academic success and in finding her own person as she navigates the classroom and playground. She’s up for hiking and camping and other adventures; and her comments and observations surprise us (and remind us to watch what we say).

Andy finally finished his Master’s Degree in Geography in June (hooray!) but chose not to walk with the horde of PSU undergrads. He’s relieved to be done but isn’t immediately applying the degree, per se. He also accepted a position in management at the college within the distance learning department and is enjoying that experience. New challenges all around.

Barley and Millie haven’t changed much. Mille is now an indoor/outdoor cat but refuses to use the cat door. Barley gets around about the same as always. Right now he’s donning two different holiday collars and warming by the fire.

Freed family at Tunnels Beach in Kauai

Freed family at Tunnels Beach in Kauai (November 2011)

One recent highlight – we returned to Kauai this November with the kids and Kathy and Dave. It was a moist trip, but that didn’t dull the wonder of returning to where Michelle and I got engaged with our children. The whole excursion was wonderful, warm, and we were fortunate enough to make the trip again with our family.

We hope that the past year has treated you well and if not, 2012 is mere days away. Peace to all,

Love, The Freeds

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