Our 2007 Opt-in Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

2007, we only just met. We invited you to stay with us a while, and were happy to do so. Now, we're all a little haggard and I think it's time you packed up and moved on. I'm not saying it hasn't been fun, because really, it has. For instance:

Freeds in August

Remember our daughter Ella? Yeah, she's walking around in shoes, popping out molars, sleeping through the night, signing about 25 different concepts (though some take some imagination) and barely starting to use words. Like with signing, you have to know what she's saying, and we're only counting baby and bye-bye as one word. But really, think about how much she's grown while you were here. She's a giant. We are thankful that she spends her days with those who love her, and we are even more thankful that she was able to meet my Grandmother Viola before she passed.

In July we moved to the same neighborhood as my parents. You and I both thought it was a little premature, but it's really worked out alright. Michelle and I sold our former home ourselves to a wonderful couple. Sure, the new neighborhood has been nonstop action, and there have been a number of unplanned projects around the house, but I think we can agree it is a warm home.

You were here when Michelle took a new job with a new firm in May. She was sad to leave her former coworkers, but is really loving the change. Now she has more time to spend with family and friends, and even brings Barley and Ella to work with her on occasion.

Me? Well you've kept me busy, that's for sure. You must be chuckling to yourself, but yes, work, school and family is a lot to do. Still, I made it, and we managed to fit in some cool stuff. A few of my maps were published in a Fort Clatsop book. I also started brewing all-grain beers, and was able to participate in a student atlas project, rode in my first Seattle to Portland with friends and my dad, but I guess you and I won't see me finish my thesis. Let's hope 2008 does.

You had your eye on Tigger apparently. The old tom is no longer with us, though he's not far away. We watched you leave with the turning of the leaves on the tree planted in his memorial. Barley is pretty much the same, although the new yard provides a lot to watch over. It may not be enough though, for the poor boy doesn't get the walks or attention he's used to. Luckily, he and Ella are starting to develop a friendship.

All in all, I think our time together was good, and I hope you put in a good word with your friends for us, our family and friends.

Best to you 2007,

The Freeds