Fletcher’s bike garage

I’ve updated Fletcher’s Bike Garage with a fancy new design. I’ve also marked two of his bike for sale. He’s selling his BMW with grand plans for a new touring oriented dirt bike (Honda XR 650) If you’re in the market for a nice bike, check out his Beemer.

Image Gallery Update

I finally got around to adding more pictures to the image gallery. I’ve probably added several hundred images that I got of Archive CDs. I also added more cartographic samples and GIS work to those pages. I’m still using ImageIndexer, but I’m looking for other options, because the ImageIndexer doesn’t offer much for customization or templates. If you know any good alternatives for OS X, let me know.

We played Croquet today. It was really nice out, and Michelle needed a break from finals studies, so we went over to Scott & Sarah’s appartment. The lawn wasn’t flat, but that made it interesting. So did the fact that Michelle and Sarah are dirty cheats. They would take turns stopping each other’s balls from rolling too far, or coaxing them in the right direction. The lady on her balcony was laughing at us, but mostly at them.

Camping with Friends

I’m recovering from this past weekend still. I was camping at Staircase with the First Floor crew. It was a great time with nearly all the usual suspects. We played around the campsite, climbed on rocks, threw rocks at each other, rode John’s bike, ate hot dogs, and drank beer. Feel free to peruse the pictures.

Happy Easter!

Liebe und Frieda – love & peace. Christianity at its best.

Kathy and Michelle are in the kitchen making our easter feast. Barley and I are tired from the park. Its a beautiful day, and I feel very happy.

I’ve added pictures of Michelle and my trip to Manzanita, and from when Meghan & Troy visited. Feel free to check them out.

Tomorrow is the first day of the term. Should be busy.