iPhoto 2, Avoiding past mistakes

I use iPhoto 1.1, which is a great start at a great piece of software. Many of its problems were overcome by crafty programmers. BetterHTMLExport 1.6 made most of this webiste. I had some problems with iPhoto, namely due to a file permission problem when made a backup with cp -r that when restored didn’t like iPhoto. Months later after losing many entries to the library, I fixed all the file permissions with Disk Tool. Whew. Anyway, when backing up a folder in Unix, use this command instead of cp:
find . -depth -print | cpio -pdlmv ../newdir

I point this out because iPhoto 2 was released yesterday, and I’m backing everything up before I install it. Unfortunately, BetterHTMLexport 2.0, which was also released yesterday, is now shareware instead of freeware. He should have notified me of his intentions before I was poor. Maybe I won’t update just yet. Unless iPhoto 2 has some performance improvements, I won’t be able to use it much anyway.


Just got back from Spokane, where we visited my sister for her birthday. We’ve never really visited Spokane before, but it was a great trip, and a wonderful city. We had a really good time, and Hilly gave a good tour. Saturday morning we did the Peace Rally downtown, and there are some pictures in the Gallery.

Ansel @ 100

Today Scott, Sarah, Chandra, Michelle and I went to the Ansel Adams @ 100 exhibit at the World Forestry Center. There were 50 pieces on display, and two in particular that have been imprinted in my mind for years. I can remember writing an essay on the boulders piece in high school photography. Seeing it full size and in person is much nicer. Granite really is beautiful.

Just outside the Ansel gallery was a picture of Theodore Roosevelt & John Muir, and Teddy with Gifford Pinchot. These names were all fixtures in my Environmental Ethics class. All the while Muir & Pinchot (etc…) were battling, Adams captured the escense of these places that most American’s can only experience through his pictures. To his credit, these pictures are almost enough.

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” – John Muir

More Memory, Christmas Pictures

Two major updates: Pictures and memory.

Using a gift return, I was able to bring my server back up to 448MB of RAM. Everything is running better again, especially iPhoto. It only crashed once, but remembered all the photos. Which brings me to the second part:

Christmas pictures have been uploaded. Two galleries; Christmas 2002 and Doug and Barley. Click on the Gallery link above or left to view them. It was a wonderful trip home.


This weekend was Hoptoberfest, which is the American Hop Museum’s annual fund raiser/celebration. It was my first time to go, and it was a blast. Its hard to beat great beer, company, and a chance to meet the people who grow one of your favorite plants.

Several local breweries were at the event, and I was able to sample some fine beers. I think my favorite of the pack was Snipes Mountain’s Harvest Ale, which was a heavy hop ale featuring Amarillo hops. I also enjoyed the Ice Harbor IPA and Grant’s Fresh Hop ales.

Tasting note: If you’re drinking Highly hopped ales, don’t try anything with subtle flavors unless you’ve had time to cleanse your palate. :)

Camping Trip Pictures

I’ve put the pictures from this weekend’s camping trip online. Most were taken by Michelle this time. If anyone has other cool pictures from the trip, please send them to me. I’d love to add them. It was great to see everyone. I’m glad you all made the effort to get there. Thanks to Scott for planning and such.

Sunday (8/4/02) was also Michelle and my 1st year Annaversary. Who would have thought we’d spend it with so many people who were at the wedding?

Boston Photos, other

I finally downloaded the Boston pictures from my camera, and they’re now online. Its a beautiful place. I wish the pictures of Fenway park did more to show how cool it was.

We saw the Red Sox cream the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (Good, expansion teams are lame). They’re going to tear down, or expand Fenway because its too small. Its a shame, because its such an intimate park. Now I just need to see Wrigley Field, and I’ll be happy (ier?).

Fletcher’s bike garage

I’ve updated Fletcher’s Bike Garage with a fancy new design. I’ve also marked two of his bike for sale. He’s selling his BMW with grand plans for a new touring oriented dirt bike (Honda XR 650) If you’re in the market for a nice bike, check out his Beemer.