6 Months

Madeline passed her 6 month mark last week, and had her 6 month checkup last night. She’s doing fantastic considering the spook we had going in to the delivery, and the whole dusky thing. Now she’s a vibrant, healthy, and DAMN tall little girl. Like her sister, she’s off the chart for height (I think you’re in the 100th percentile if you’re off the chart), 50th percentile for weight, and slowly increasing to roughly 35th percentile for head size. There’s a long running joke in our family about head size, though it’s clearly not been a handicap for my brilliant wife. Still, she’ll have an easier time finding sunglasses and hats if she continues to trend upwards.

Six months is such a joy. Madeline is rolling, laughing, grasping, drooling, and now she’s starting to eat soft foods. So far, the feedings are more like the 19th hole on a mini-golf course: you try in vain to get the ball in the hole, but it keeps rolling back down the hill. Though in this case, there’s a giant tongue trying to push you down the hill as well. The food ends up severely diluted with saliva, the bib ends up in her mouth, and the energy spent is equivalent to the energy gained.

I think Ella appreciates 6 months as well. She has been very patient with Madeline, and now she’s finally getting some of the reward. Ella can make her little sister laugh like no one else. Madeline’s eyes are glued to Ella when she’s dancing or playing, and we hope indicates what their relationship will be like.

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  1. At least until Madeline starts moving and taking Ella’s toys…that’s when Howard got a little annoyed with Max. But the boys are now really good friends once Max could understand what Howard wants him to do and Max doesn’t just destroy everything.

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