When can I eat raw tomatoes again?

The CDC has a list of safe tomatoes available. Oregon is absent from the list. My garden isn’t producing tomatoes yet, and salads are kind of boring. Plus, today is the Interstate Farmer’s Market, and I’d like to make some caprese salad. When do we get the OK? Is it safe to get locally grown toms?

I’ve had salmonella before, and I’m quite wary of having it again. Last time my appendix was taken out because the pain I had was symptomatic of appendicitis. After it was removed and I wasn’t any better, it was discovered that I had salmonella. Imagine a moose standing on one hoof on your stomach. That’s what it felt like.

6 thoughts on “When can I eat raw tomatoes again?”

  1. Good point – we do have some produce wash. I was once accused by my favorite high school teacher of being “scatological.”

  2. Quiznos is not serving tomatoes; but luckily Subway across the street doesn’t mind rolling the dice. And now they have 5 buck subs offered as part of their regular menu!

  3. Fastfood… [sigh]

    I ate some heirloom tomatoes in a salad yesterday and today, they were lovely.

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