Rapid remodel

Over the weekend, Michelle and I somehow managed to remodel our bathroom. A few months of mental preparation and a custom vanity were enough that we used all the inertia from tearing up the old peely vinyl to install backer, install the cherry vanity my dad made, lay tile, and install a new sink, toilet and light. I honestly can’t say I know how we got so much done with the baby and all, but we managed. The results (still 10% remaining) so far look great.

The added bonus? We dug the tile out of a dumpster by my sister’s place shortly before we moved. Now we have tan subway tile on the floor and mixed brown ceramics on the countertops. I’d feel even better if we could have donated the old sink & toilet to the rebuilding center, but apparently, they weren’t code. Now – smash them in to bits and slowly feed them into the trash? Not many other options for them unless someplace does porcelain recycling.

Did I mention we dug the tile out of a dumpster? Yeah, even Michelle was in the bin pulling out pristine sheets of tile the the manufacturer was clearing out.

5 thoughts on “Rapid remodel”

  1. I think rebuilding center’s going to fold eventually. They rejected a bunch of old painted windows and doors from us because of “code.” Is it better to throw lead paint in the dump?

  2. Do you think that for a reason other than they wouldn’t take your windows? Somehow we’ve managed to get rid of most of our old windows there, but they were in really quite good shape considering. We’re about to replace some more, so hopefully they’ll take these as well.

    I have to admit, I don’t have the same joy I used to when I’d visit the rebuilding center. It’s harder and harder to find awesome stuff that doesn’t already have a sold sticker on it.

  3. The guy specifically said he couldn’t take anything with chipped paint. It was especially annoying as we’d already loaded doors/windows on top of the car.

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