Bridge Pileup 2007

Bridge Pedal 2007

Michelle, Ella, my parents, sister and I all rode (and stood) in the Bridge Pedal this year. It was Ella’s first real ride in the buggy and we put on a total of about 22 miles. Ella is really not so certain about the helmet, so we all had to show her that we too had helmets on, and that she was ok. Things went fine until the line up, when we had to take her out for a while and let her see mom. Then, the ride was on, and she was relatively happy while in motion.

Sadly, there were long swaths of time where we were not in motion. The confusion at the Hawethorn Bridge wasn’t bad, but the 1+ hour of standing and waddling to the Ross Island bridge was lame. Ella was very distraught, and cried for a bit when we prematurely put her back in the trailer thinking we were going to start again. I tried to explain to her that we would be moving soon, but she was vocalizing what everyone else was thinking. Waiting sucks.

We pit-stopped in the bushes to eat then crossed the Ross Island slowly and enjoyed movement for the remainder of the ride. Michelle got ahead of us on the Marquham, but thought she was behind us, so she finished in a hurry, trying to catch up. We of course waited at each bridge for her before figuring that she’d ventured on.

I have a secret though – I didn’t actually finish the event. A mere 5 blocks from the finish, I met up with Michelle and we hastened back up Interstate to get home before our company had to leave. Ella and I had a top speed of 29 MPH getting on to 405 to then climb on to the Marquham. She slept through it all – whee!