Signed, sealed….

We signed away our house today and signed in to our new home. It was very satisfying to finally have reached this milestone, and cool to see the signatures of the folks we’re buying from above our names, knowing the couple buying from us will show up below ours.

I didn’t want to jinx it, but I’m tremendously pleased to have sold our place on our own. Michelle, of course, did 90% of the “brain” work, and I helped with the braun. All told, this process has been smooth, but dependent heavily on luck and grace. The couple buying our place were in the neighborhood for breakfast and were passing by on their way to another house when they noticed our open house sign. The open house went great and stirred up a lot of interest, and resulted in us finding a buyer. The buyers have been wonderful; we just got back from dinner with them. One of the saddest parts of moving is that this couple won’t be our new neighbors. However, the decision to move has been hard, and leaving a home that I love and a neighborhood that I relish in is made bearable knowing that these wonderful people are moving in.

Crap, now we have to move.

3 thoughts on “Signed, sealed….”

  1. I would never again use an agent to sell a house — what a rip. But I have no plans to move, either. Congrats!

  2. Congrats…yeah agents are only good if you need to sell the place fast. I wish we could of sold ours without one. oh well.

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