Almost Famous

This saturday, Michelle, Barley, Ella and I walked down to Healthy Pets Northwest to get the old man some more food. When we arrived, we had learned that the brand of food he had (but not the same type) had been recalled, so the owner wasn’t going to carry it anymore. She gave us a few different samples to try with Barley, many of which were made in the area and cost about the same. We also learned that a local news station was on their way to interview her and wanted to know if a pet owner would also mind being interviewed. Michelle volunteered me somehow.

The reporter and cameraman from Koin arrived and did a small interview with me (if I remember correctly) and shot a fair amount of footage of Barley. We’ve always felt he was a handsome dog, so we were certain he’d make it past the editors. We weren’t so sure about me, in my worn out long underwear and t-shirt.

That night at 11, Barley made his debut. For 2.5 seconds. That’s all. I was pleased to have been cut since it felt weird to talk about something you don’t know much or care too much about. But then a friend up in Bellingham said that she saw me on the news there. It’s kind of weird to think about local coverage being offered up to other affiliates, though then you get personal interviews and don’t have to worry about is communicated through the editing process.