More windows

Today I installed window replacements numbers 6 and 7 of 11. My parents came over to help, but about 4 pounds into the project, a piece of art made from an old venezuelan oil barrel fell on my dad’s head. The rays of the sun (that’s what the piece is) became impromptu saw blades and split a 1-2″ cut into his forehead. While he worked on gluing the cut back together, I was able to install the two sash-pack windows. Each window installation goes faster than the last, and I’m thinking by window 10, they’ll just start ordering and installing themselves.

Why replace the windows? Doesn’t it take away from the charm of the home? Not really. These two clearly had some draft issues and when I took out one of the windows, I found 50+ hibernating ants. The room is quieter already, but now I have to paint the buggers. All 7 of them. One of these days.

2 thoughts on “More windows”

  1. Yikes. Ask Kelman about his recent encounter with his home remodel. He almost cut off his thumb and a toe when a mirror fell in his bathroom. Sounds like a conspiracy in the brewing…

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