Six Stories on Alberta

The last Concordia Neighborhood newsletter mentioned that the lot on NE 20th and Alberta St (across from don Poncho) was recently sold for $1.2 million. The plan is to put in a 6 story apartment/condo building with 3 commercial spaces on the ground floor. People are going to be pissed – and maybe they should be, but I’m kind of excited.

Why? I’m yuppie scum It would add space for another 100+ residents that, god forbid, if Alberta Street goes out of style, will at least provide enough of an immediate community to support some of the local businesses. Why is that good? Because I want them to stay open. Maybe 4 Thai restaurants is overkill (if you’re looking to put in an Indian/Mughal restaurant – consider 24th and Alberta… please?), but the abundance of small local businesses can only survive as long as people come from outside our neighborhood to support these places. (thanks Al)

One thought on “Six Stories on Alberta”

  1. No problem. I’m actually pretty jealous of the Alberta lifestyle right now. I mean, you mention Don Pancho and the first thing I think is: I haven’t been there in awhile. It clouds my thoughts while I read the rest of your post. I think this new building is a good thing. It’s when historic buildings/homes get ripped down for that kind of thing that I get pissed.

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