Trials of Daryl Hunt

Beth, Travis, Michelle and I caught what was apparently the second screening of The Trials of Daryl Hunt tonight, then got to listen to a Q&A session with Daryl himself and one of the film’s producers. The film was a collection of archival footage, interviews, and recent tapings of trial and post-trial events that did a stirring job of telling the story of Daryl and his 20 years of wrongful incarceration.

The story was heartbreaking; 20 years from arrest, conviction and sentencing through numerous appeals to a final absolving of the charges. His community, his friends and his lawyers fought overwhelming ineptitude, bigotry, and ignorance and still managed to free him after more setbacks than most of us could take.

One of the most amazing things I think was that after all the hell he’d been through, the most he asked of anyone was to stop avoiding jury duty and vote. Such simplicity, and sure, he shared what other things we could and should do, but the least we can and should do is fulfill our civil duties. Still, I’m in awe of his ability to return favor to his community.

I really recommend the film.