another RTFM day

On most days my annoyance by people’s lack of initiative to solve their own problems is fairly low. Yesterday however was a bold-font red-letter RTFM day. It was like all easy to use and searchable documentation had been obliterated and reading had gone out of style. On top of that, no one was willing to try even the most trivial of tasks out.

2 thoughts on “another RTFM day”

  1. But did you have to use google images to search for various flowers and shells mentioned in a New Reader whilest debating (internally) about the best way to tell a new immigrant that it’s best to bathe regularly here in America? Just wonderin’ again.

  2. I still enjoy the day that I was asked to fix my co-workers computer because it wasn’t working. So I went over to her desk, turned on her monitor and sat back down at my workstation.

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