Show cancelled

Michelle and I were going to go see David Gray with one of her co-workers last night until Ticketmaster called to tell us that the show had been cancelled. This was probably the first show in a long time that Michelle had picked to go to and while I’m not much of a fan, I decided I would just be quiet and enjoy the show without any of Andy’s ™ snide remarks. But it was cancelled. So we had dinner at the Blue Nile. Nothing like gorging yourself on Ethiopian food.

3 thoughts on “Show cancelled”

  1. Too bad about the show. I actually like David Gray and think he would have put on a pretty good performance.

    I haven’t even had Ethopian food. Aren’t they the people always starving? So wouldn’t it be a bit of a contradiction in terms to talk about their food? Ok, bad joke. I just couldn’t resist.
    Interesting side story though. When I was attempting to fly back to London after traveling through Europe I was having difficulty finding cheap airfare. At one point, though, I could have flown from Rome to London for only $65 (about four times less than the nearest competitor). Only stipulation was that it was Ethopian Airlines. I chose to look for other alternatives.

  2. You have really been trying that for years? In what setting? Let me introduce you to a little thing called character map. If you go to START, PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES, SYSTEM TOOLS you will see an icon. Click on that. You will then have a listing of every character in that particular set. To add a TM in Times New Roman, for instance, the program will tell you that you need to hold down the ALT key and simultaneously type 153. Or you can insert the character directly from character map. Try it out, it is fun.

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