KRS-ONE in Portland

There are few artists that I feel I need to see, and rather am just glad for the opportunities to see live music when I can afford it. One of the artists I’ve felt I must see is/was KRS-ONE. Stage presence is something that comes naturally to few people. Beyond presence though is something even more rare – a person who can move a crowd with grace and ease. Someone who doesn’t even need to ask for more response by suggesting that “he can’t hear you.” Last night at Berbati’s Pan, KRS was in his element – a small club packed with people who knew his gift and couldn’t be happier to do whatever the emcee wanted.

KRS flows on stage
photo by Hilary Freed

KRS did songs from back before Boom-bap and up to Keep Right, and as seemingly dated as some of his songs may seem, they sounded perfect in the place, and perfect at the time. Its difficult to convey the fluidity to his movement even despite the heat (and sweat) and his way with the crowd. It was everything he claims in his songs and more. He should be our first emcee laureate.

One thought on “KRS-ONE in Portland”

  1. Damn, I am so jealous! I wanted to catch KRS-One last time he blew through pdx, and told myself I wouldn’t miss him the next time through – but things didn’t come together yet again. KRS first blew my mind back in BDP with Edutainment, as as you said he is an artist I must see.

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