New Stove

We’ve been without a stove for 2 months now. Well, one burner has worked periodically, but not in a predictable manner. Plus, its the small one in the back that isn’t level so if you try and fry an egg or something, it all runs down to the side of the pan.

Anyway, the landlord finally found a contractor that was willing to take some time out of their prosperous and profitable schedule to fix it. Starting Sunday.

The existing unit is a 30 year old POS with a grill on the left side. Who really grills indoors? Well, we started to once we realized it was going to get removed and we wouldn’t have to keep cleaning it. Plus, there aren’t any stove top replacements that fit the existing hole, so we’re getting a whole oven/stove combo, which is nice because our oven is probably 40+, too small to cook much, and occasionally starts things on fire.

We’re moving up.

3 thoughts on “New Stove”

  1. Maybe someday, but not for a while. If this house is as anti-punctuality as it seems, we’ll be here for a while.

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