Vienna Circle, where are you now?

In the 1920’s, a group of logical positivists formed the Vienna Circle. Positivism is the belief that nothing can be considered true until there is empirical evidence for it. This outlook of systematic doubt is anti-authoritarian because it will not accept anything without scientific evidence.

As is the case with most rational groups, they found themselves at odds with the Nazi party, which formed policy and carried out scientific experimentation tainted with its own ideology and mysticism. As you can imagine, most of the Vienna circle were driven from the country.

I bring this up because the Union of Concerned Scientists finds itself in a similar place. The Bush administration is also loading scientific panels and federal agencies with scientists with similar ideological tainting.

I also bring this up because in capitalism, any limitation based on discrimination impedes efficiency, the near-utopian goal of the method. This definitely includes ideologically-bent policy.