Debate correction

So, after watching a good 30 or more minutes worth of debate, I must admit it was not the recitation I expected. No one could have their prepared content bomb so badly.

The post-debate discussion seems to suggest that President Bush didn’t play the part of the misbehaving yet righteous child. It also seems to suggest that he “made some strong points.” I must have lost track of what those points were in the giant gaps of dead air space between “um”, “er” and condescending “listen”.

I was somewhat surprised, and delighted that Senator Kerry mentioned Nuclear (new – clear) proliferation as one of the greatest threats to our security. It was a hippie issue back in the day, and a startlingly important hippie issue now. Thank you Senator for not “wilting” and addressing a supremely important issue. And for making the President point out the rather blatant “we can, they can’t” gap.

One thought on “Debate correction”

  1. I watched most of the debate with the sound muted. Considering the vast majority of what was being said was straight from their respective stump speeches and sound bites, I didn’t expect to get much out of the audio. Sounds like I might have been a bit mistaken, but the video was *very* interesting.

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