RIP: 19″ CRT monitor

The summer I was working in a plastic extrusion plant (1999), I often mentally built the computer I wanted as a distraction from how hot the building was, or how monotonous putting freshly made bags in to boxes gets. Near the end of the job, I finally ordered my nearly new G3 and purchased a Sylvania F91 CRT monitor at Costco for the amazing price of $349. I chose it because it had a 3 year warranty. I chose it despite the fact that it was boring, beige cube that weighed 50 lbs.

This morning while checking e-mail, the sound of water on a hot skillet filled the room and the picture started dancing around, shrinking and expanding, until the classic poof of the screen failing to black left me with the smell of a recently fired cap gun. That’s probably not good. The warranty is nearly 2 years out. Anyone looking for birthday ideas?

9 thoughts on “RIP: 19″ CRT monitor”

  1. If you really need a monitor you can borrow my 21″ Sony monitor for the time I am in Europe. I will be back around Christmas when you might possibly get one as a present. Let me know and I can bring it down this weekend.

  2. how about I use the 21 in and then andy can use my old 15 in that I no longer use. then I can hook up two monitors 1-21 in crt and 1-17 in flat panel.I’ve always wanted two monitors hooked to the same comp. And why is that matt always has a bigger one than me?

  3. Depending on your card, Scott, that would be a pretty ghey combo because you’d have to run the same resolution on both monitors. Meaning that you’d either have foot high letters on the beg monitor or magnifying-glass-required type on the small one.
    But on a serious note, remember the Sylvania I bought from Costco when we were in the Grant St. house Andy? Had to be close to when you bought yours. Didn’t even last a year before it burnt out. And the “warranty” was somewhat of a joke anyway. Costco basically passed the buck to Sylvania who would have none of it.
    Sure, your monitor’s lasted almost five years, but I think a monitor should last longer than that. We’ve got one that lasted 6 months and one that lasted less than five years… That’s kind of crap. I’ve got this littly Sony Trin attached to Flippy that I’d have to ask Matt how old it is, but I’m guessing like ten years. And it’s still going fine. And the 21″ Matt’s loaning you can’t be all that new either. I believe you’ll be the fourth owner. That’s another Sony.

    I dunno. In summary: Boo hiss to Sylvania. And to Costco for forcing manufacturers to cut corners to maintain profitablility at their ever dropping contract prices (long story on how Costco does business…).

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