Netscape 7.2?

AOL/Netscape has said that they will release a version 7.2 of the Netscape browser based on the release of Mozilla 1.7 (supposedly a long-life release). I’m an advocate of Mozilla and have been pleased that Netscape 7.x has been available as an alternative to IE. Netscape at least gets some name recognition when you tell people that their computer is hopelessly mired in spyware and crap and they’re better off using a different browser.

Mozilla, despite being a better product, and the real software behind Netscape, doesn’t seem to register on most people’s “Legitimate Software Meter.” This is problematic in a situation when Netscape is viewed as a dying company/browser (it is). I was relieved at first to hear the news of the 7.2 release, but then realized its just extending the slow death of Netscape, hindering the option for Mozilla to go mainstream. All the Netscape/Moz-haters may recognize 7.2, but it’ll be the last time they’re so generous.

Is Mozilla ready for the mainstream? Yes, it has been for some time. It does everything that most people need (except windows update), blocks pop-ups, has a built in html editor, javascript debugger, mail client, tabbed browsing, great CSS/XSLT support, and its not susceptible to the same exploits that IE is and will be for some time.

So, what is wrong with Netscape? Well, being an AOL property, it installs with all the AOL crap you’d expect from another dying company. Netscape 7.x does include a popup blocker, but by default, it allows pop-ups from Wal-mart/Netscape/AOL/Time-Warner/etc. What a crock.

From the support standpoint, I understand that it would be easier to just support one browser. But with IE, that means supporting their Zone Alarm Firewall, spyware, toolbars and pop-up blockers, all which often negatively effect the browser or the Internet experience in some way.

I suppose this all gets back to the support for standards versus the support an application discussion. I think you’ll be able to figure out which side I take.

One thought on “Netscape 7.2?”

  1. I just replaced IE with Netscape 7.2 and found it to be considerably slower than IE 6.0. I do find that with DSL I have far less attackes from cyberspace which is a BIG PLUS.I had XP running beautifully and I see some things that are not so appealing with Netscape. I am wondering how it will blend in with SP2 if it ever gets a final release.

    Has anyone tried it out with Netscape with the Beta version of SP2?

    Would welcome any comments!

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