Bermuda – Day 6

Knowing it was our last day, we got up early, grabbed some food from the breakfast buffet and headed back to Tobacco Bay for a last bit of snorkeling. The beach was empty at 8am, but the sun was out, the water was calm, and the water wasn’t that cold once you got acclimated.

Michelle’s snorkel was acting up again so she returned to the beach and her book. I venture further and discovered a number of sea slugs, brilliant cobalt blue and yellow fish, and even some crabs. The fish were much more plentiful than before, so I waved Michelle back in. She wasn’t to happy having just dried off and settled in, but she came back out and swam around with just her mask on. After a while she headed back in and I ventured further down the coast. I found several golf balls since we were near a course. I kept an faded orange one because it had Japanese characters on it. I swallowed a few mouthfuls of sea water (accidentily) and decided to head back in. We relaxed on the beach for a while before strolling back into town and on to the boat. We boarded around 11:00am, showered and found some good spots topside for watching the departure.

Departure was a little after noon, and we soaked up some sun until heading through “The Cut” and back towards Boston. Leaving the island was kind of sad. Its such a gorgeous place, and the white roofed houses (they collect rainwater for drinking water) were visible as we sailed away.

Back at sea (and Michelle’s birthday – I didn’t remember until mid-afternoon), we read a bit, played some cards, and relaxed. After beating her badly at two games, she returned to beat me at two. Dinner was horrible, service wise. There was at least a 30 minute delay between courses, and my meal was improperly prepared. We left without desert. I didn’t dare point out that it was Michelle’s birthday. She’s got some being-sung-to-in-public-phobia. I think I do too.

Fortunately, there was a midnight chocolate bar, so we ventured up and feasted on fruits dipped in chocolate, cakes of chocolate, and even my leftover dinner dipped in chocolate. We ate quickly because the two couples we were seated at weren’t happy people.

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