Big Town, Shut Down

While returning from grocery shopping today, I passed by Michelle and my personal sandwich shop, Big Town Hero. I was shocked to see that the location had closed and the signage was completely gone! Sure, there are other locations, but this was the one we ate at while looking at moving to Portland, and during the first couple years of law school. Heck, I’m only two sandwiches short of a free sub.

The manager to the store was great. He ran a tight ship, and the ingredients were always good. Every time he was in the store, the sandwiches were at their best. Some times, when it was just the Wilson High squad, they were lacking, but still adequate. Their “the Italian” quickly became my favorite, surpassing other chain sandwiches like The Little King, Port of Subs, The Sub Shop, and Blimpies.

Its a sad loss, and I blame the other franchise owners for crowding his location. I don’t blame the Subway across the street, because it sucks. Lets just say there are reasons you can have a subway inside a gas station.

Sandwiches are my favorite type of food. The variety of potential ingredients makes for an immense range of gustatory experiences. I’ll deeply miss the location, and don’t know where else to go yet.

4 thoughts on “Big Town, Shut Down”

  1. I agree with chris, its time you learned how to build your own sandwiches. And don’t think of it as cooking, but more as the construction of a masterpiece. Maybe it’ll remind you of playing with legos as a kid. Actually, I know you better than that, you probably played with legos last week.

  2. I do know how to make my own sandwiches, but the pleasure of toiling all morning (painting, yard work, moving your friends around, etc.) then getting a sandwich made for you is just too much.

    And to think, If I’d only eaten there every day, I could have prevented this from happening.

  3. There is another big town hero down the road about 3 miles (by fred meyer), though I don’t think the sandwiches were quite as good as the shop that is now closed. But you don’t have to put up with the stupid high school kids blasting tu-pac while you are eating. But I agree, subway sucks in comparison.

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