But the Pentagon says…

Though our country vehemently denies that there is global warming, and stifles any official reports that suggest it, the Pentagon released a paper that details a near worst case scenario for 2020 given global warming’s affects on the planet.

It really is a worst case scenario, because many biologists, geologists, chemists, nerds in other words, don’t expect a complete melting of the ice caps for several more decades. Seven years ago I saw a rendering of what coastlines would look like around the world if there was a maximum melt. The estimation at the time was for a 33 meter rise in sea level. This would be quite disruptive because so much of the world’s population lives so close to its shorelines. The changes in Europe were quite dramatic, with sea water filling up the major river valleys several hundred miles inland. This may be somewhat hard to visualize, so just think about Manhattan (3+ million people) being submerged. That’s a very small example of the potential disaster. Even a miniscule 1 meter rise would have startling affects.

I suppose that doesn’t concern some people because their ranch outside Crawford, Tx is sitting at 750′ above sea level. It may be self sufficient, but its not an island. I hope he’ll invite us to camp on his land.